Funtastic Plays

Funtastic Plays From Wee Three Productions. A Funtastic Project!

A Funtastic Project!

We have the pleasure of working with Peter and Claudia Woodhall on this awesome project.

Behind the scenes are a group of playwrites and musicians that started writing together under the name of “Wee Three Productions” specializing in Comedies, Musicals, Musical Comedies and Dramas.

The group needed an online presence to promote and rent their plays. Funtastic Plays was the solution.

The website features the ability for customers to rent and download plays and the accompanying music for their community theatre, schools and larger venues. The website also has sections for play submissions, reviews, suggestions by an expert team and possible inclusion to the website of scripts and musical scores by writers from around the globe.
This is a Joomla 3 website and fully responsive for mobile devices.
The group has taken a hiatus from this endeavor so as such, the site is currently offline.
We hope to see it live and thriving again soon!

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