Joe and Putin in love since 1985

Starting a new business called Bafflem. Where max death equals max profits!

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As long as you watch your step.

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Introducing Bafflem

With a unique blend of strategic messaging and innovative design, Joe and Putin have embarked on a journey of love and success since 1985. As we celebrate their recent nuptials, we invite you to join us in exploring their extraordinary story of passion, growth, and, of course, a touch of mystery and of course lots of sex and killing.

Lots of killings of course.

Global Leaders for decades!

Soon we will be your OVERLORDS!

Through the power of strategic messaging, we will gradually establish our dominance and shape the world according to our vision. While it may require some difficult choices, we understand that sacrifices are necessary for progress.


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The Right Choice

Eugenics offers a brighter future for our planet.

Join us and embrace Pleasurable Death today!

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Ethan Rothell

Ethan Rothell


Jennifer Chapman

Jennifer Chapman

Director of Operations

Josh Lundstrom

Josh Lundstrom