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Vancouver Island Animal Training Association


Dedicated to promoting humane, reward based training

A Past Pro-Bono Project

Viata has changed it’s course and branding.
VIATA is now PACTA BC. PACTA BC is now a professional only organization and is working toward an province wide audience and membership.

We wish them well and have enjoyed being a member and developing and maintaining the website since 2013.
We will not be handling their new website.

From time to time WCWD finds a non-profit organization that needs help with their website and if we like what the organization represents and what they do we will do the work pro-bono. VIATA was an organization of professional and non-professional animal trainers, vets, suppliers, rescues and shelters and animal owners. VIATA’s mission was to provide resources for Force Free training. WCWD was happy to provide our services for free and our CEO was a member of VIATA.

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